Leadership Savannah

Current Leadership Savannah Class

The current Leadership Savannah Class consists of 44 individuals. All individuals participated in the selections process. The goal of the selections process was to strive for diversity and representation from large and small business, government, education, not-for-profit, cultural and religious organizations.

Major Devonn Adams
Mary Kay Aikens
James Battles
Katrina Bostick
Mahogany Bowers
Lucas Bradley, Esq
Kevin Brenner
Amy Brock
Andrea Burkiett
Cindy Burns
Elizabeth Coolidge
Leon Davenport
William Drought
Kellie Fletcher
Lindsay Greco
Caroline Gregory
Sam Hubbard
Julia Johnson
Heather Lundy
Josh Mayberry
Chris Nowicki
Kimberly Pannell
Kris Patel
Christopher Player
John Robertson
John Salandi
Matthew Saxon
Jackie Schott
George Seaborough
Scott Searcy
Kevin Smith
Richelle Southwick
William E. St. Clair Maj. GA ANG
Rev. Kelley Steele
Dawoud Stevenson
Martin Sullivan
Philip Thompson
Ben Washburn
Ruth Weimar
Katherine Williams
Michael Winckler
Attention Graduates of Leadership Savannah